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    4. AiP485A
      Low-Power 10Mbps Full Fail-Safe RS-485 Transceiver

      The AiP485A is 3V~5.5V powered transceiver that meets the RS-485 standards for balanced communication. It features the larger output voltage and higher data rate up to 10Mbps required by high speed PROFIBUS applications.

      This transceiver delivers at least a 2.1V differential output voltage on 5V supply condition, into the RS-485 required 54Ω load, for better noise immunity, or to allow up to three 120Ω terminations in “star” topologies, at the exceptional 10Mbps data rate. This device has very low bus currents so that presents a true “1/8 unit load” to the RS-485 bus. This allows up to 256 transceivers on the network without using repeaters.

      Receiver (Rx) inputs feature a “Full Fail-Safe” design, which ensures a logic high Rx output if Rx inputs are floating, shorted, or on a terminated but undriven bus. 

      • 主要特點

      • 產品文檔

      • Wide supply voltage 3V to 5.5V

      • Hot plug circuitry-Tx and Rx outputs remain three-state during power-up/power-down

      • High Data Rate: 10Mbps At 5V Supply

      • Full fail-safe (open, short, terminated) receivers

      • Up to 256 nodes on a bus (1/8 unit load)

      • Bus-Pin Protection: ±15kV HBM protection

      • Specified from -40℃ to +85℃

      • Packaging information: SOP8/MSOP8/DFN8


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